Who is Crooked Creek Herbals?

Well, first and foremost, I am a daughter of Poppa God, the creator of heaven and earth. But I am also a wife, a mother, and a grandmother! Home is where my heart is and most days you will find me playing in the dirt, tooling around my greenhouse, and every so often tending to whatever critters my daughter has brought home. When I can’t be outside, I am either experimenting, creating or learning. As my logo depicts, I live in a log cabin on a hill, and the pine tree is what we consider our family “tree”. The name Crooked Creek Herbals comes from the incredibly crooked creek that crosses our property discovered by my girls when we first moved to this farm.  

Crooked Creek Herbals was a dream that was planted a long time ago. It stems from a combination of a love of God and His creation, as well as a passion for helping others. It has truly been a journey of learning about myself, what is most important in life and how to live it. I have worked in conventional medicine spending thirteen years as a technician in the lab department of two major hospitals.These days I consider myself an “aspiring” herbalist-aromatherapist simply because I have come to understand that the learning process with never end. I have taken courses offered by some of the best herbalists, and will continue to do so, but I am also very much self-taught. I am surrounded by books and more books, and my library is ever growing. I am also an academic member of both the American Herbalists Guild and the American Botanical Council. Studying and working with herbs has been my heart’s desire for many years. That desire has become a reality with Crooked Creek Herbals and I believe it is truly “for such a time as this”.  (Esther 4:14)

My favorite way to share the goodness of herbs is by making tea. There is something soothing about sitting down and enjoying a hot cup of tea, and even to breath in the aroma can be healing to the soul and mind. I see tea as speaking to our emotions, because depending on your mood will probably determine what type of tea you desire. But most importantly, we can’t forget the properties that God infused into each plant that is beneficial for our physical side too. In my opinion, a cup of herbal tea speaks to the body, mind and soul.


“All that man needs for health & healing has been provided by God in nature, the challenge of science is to find it.”  Paracelsus (1493-1541)


My belief is that God has given us everything we need. He has even given us the blessing of modern medicine that has saved countless lives with its advanced technologies. But on the flip side we also need to embrace His creation and all the wonderful, natural resources He has placed within it. And that is where Crooked Creek Herbals comes in! I hope by sharing my love of God’s creation, through my tea blends and other products, that you will also enjoy all the heavenly goodness that He has provided for you.

Be Blessed & Enjoy!!